you will die for the halal guys

food, The halal guys

Today is the day that I made an hour long trip from Queens to Amsterdam avenue just for some halal food. Some might think I am crazy but all is well for the love of food. Once you take a bite of this saucy savory goodness you’ll be hopping on a bus plane or train to get just a taste.

The menu consists of the halal food staples lamb or chicken gyros or platters. Which is lamb and/or chicken over rice with an optional side of salad. They also have a vegetarian option for all of the veggy people out there. Or you could get all 3 (chicken, lamb, and vegetables) if you’re channeling your inner foodie. And I absolutely love french fries so I had to try these. So my meal was a combo over rice (chicken and lamb) and french fries. It was topped off with their special white sauce which is liquid gold and there spicy red sauce. The food was so fresh it didn’t taste like cart food even though that is how they started out. Every bite was crafted perfectly to get enough seasoning from the lamb, the subtleness of the chicken, the texture of the rice, the refreshing taste of the salad and finally that pop between the sauces that just tie the bite together. In between bites I would pop a piping hot salty crinkle cut fry in my mouth and it just added to the experience. In total for two combo platters, a side of fries and a fountain drink was $25.00 not bad for your better choices of halal food.

Overall the Amsterdam avenue location was nice. I did not get to experience the crazy lines that The halal guys are known for. Which was such a plus. It was a clean and calm atmosphere. The only compliant I would have is the bottles for the sauce were a little greasy (probably from many people eating the saucy gyro) which required me to go to the bathroom to wash my hands after eating. But not to worry the bathroom was clean.

The hour long trip to get there and then getting lost with my love to get back home, was well worth it because I even got to come home with leftovers for lunch tomorrow. I hope you go check out one of their locations all over New York to fill your blogetite.


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