Little Clouds of Heaven

Argentine Pastries, Queens

This past weekend I got to go to one of my favorite spots for Argentine pastries. No words can describe the love that I have for this place. Every Argentine knows or has heard of Rio De La Plata Bakery. It is this little hole in the wall shop run by a mother a daughter. That makes the best vigilantes that I have tasted. And I have been a loyal customer ever since I was little.

A vigilante is a soft lightly sugared pastry dough that is flakey almost like a croissant but in the middle it has this delicious cream of not too sweet custard. And I am not a sweets person but when it comes to these i can eat 4 in a row and still crave more.

The bakery is like a one stop shop you pick up what you want for an inexpensive price and go on your way home. Unless you want to stay to catch whatever soccer game might be on; if thats the case then pull up a chair to join the action. I hope you take the time to fill your blogetite on this little bakery.